Garden Tractor Rules

The General Rules and Regulations shall become a part of the
Rules Governing Garden Tractors.

Amended 6-1-2013 General Rules | Youth Class Rules | 1050lb and 1250lb Factory Stock Rules | 1050 lb and 1250 lb Stock Altered Rules | 1050lb and 1250lb Modified Rules | 1050lb and 1250lb Super Modified Rules | Mini-Rod Class Rules

General Rules

  1. Contest is open to two wheel drive, rear wheel drive, rubber tired tractors.
  2. Cut tires are allowed in modified class only.
  3. Dual wheels, chains, studs, or paddle tires are not permitted.
  4. Tractor must have working brakes capable of safely stopping the machine.
  5. Wheelie bars or skid plates are mandatory.
  6. Each tractor may be entered only once per class, per driver. One pull, per tractor unless it is a test pull or a tie. (Except youth class).
  7. Each driver is allowed 2 attempts within the 25 foot mark. The 2nd attempt is official.
  8. No portion of the tractor may interfere with the sled or chain during the pull. Chain and kill switch cord MUST be easy to hook WITHOUT INTERFERENCE.
  9. Tractor may not exceed 6 feet in width or extend more than 8 feet in front of the rear axle.
  10. Weight bracket/weights may not extend behind the rear of the rear tire. Weights must be securely fastened. Weights lost while pulling will cause disqualification.
  11. Turf tires must have the word “turf” written on them by the factory. Tires marked “AT” or “ATV” will not be permitted in stock class. Cut tires, professional pulling tires, any tire modified in any way will not be allowed in stock class. Stock class must have a working governor, RPM not to exceed factory recommended RPM. Engines over 4,000 RPM must have billet steel flywheel. All tractors will be RPM & Tech checked. Modified must have operable kill switch. Tech inspectors have final say in all matters.
  12. Maximum tire size 26 x 12x 12.
  13. It is the puller’s responsibility to provide proof of tractor’s eligibility.
  14. Tractor must be weighed in, before pulling and must be at the starting gate when number is called or will forfeit turn.
  16. Classes: Draw bar height may not exceed 13”
  17. Tractors must be in neutral and must be pushed back to sled to hook.
  18. Driver cannot unhook his own tractor.


  1. Youth
  2. Factory Stock (1 & 2 cylinder flat heads pull together)
    1. 1050lb
    2. 1250lb
  3. Sport Stock
    1. 1050lb
    2. 1250lb
  4. Stock Altered
    1. 1050lb
    2. 1250lb
  5. Modified (1 & 2 cylinder flat heads pull together)
    1. 1050lb
    2. 1250lb
  6. Super Modified (V-TWIN)
    1. 1050lb
    2. 1250lb
  7. Big Wheel/Economy
    1. 1050lb
    2. 1250lb
  8. Mini-Rod
    1. 1850 lb
    2. 2050lb

Youth Class Rules

  1. Tractor must be 1050lb or under.
  2. The adult with the driver must have and operate a hand held kill switch.
  3. Stock tractor rules apply to this class.
  4. Must pull in first gear.
  5. May pull twice for one entry fee.
  6. Drivers 12 and under must wear a helmet.
  7. Hook height maximum 13”
  8. Children pulling in the youth class cannot run in stock or modified for that event day.

1050 lb and 1250 lb Factory Stock Rules

  1. Tractors must be flat head, 1 or 2 cylinder, 18 hp and under engine with NO alterations.
  2. Gasoline only. No alcohol or additives permitted.
  3. Tractor must maintain its original appearance.
  4. No extended frame.
  5. No after market, adjustable pulleys allowed. MUST use stock gearing.
  6. Clutches, belts, open drive shafts must be shielded same as factory.
  7. Stock class can have weight between front and rear axle plus wheel weights.
  8. Single and twin cylinders pull together.
  9. Hook height is 13”.
  10. Can use clevis, must be mounted vertically.
  11. No trailer balls.
  12. Single and twins pull together. Maximum tire size is 26 x 12 x 12. No cut tires or professional pulling tires.
  13. Must run stock governor in working class.

Sport Stock

  1. Weights must be confined to the area between the axles, may use extendable weight bar in front.18 inch max from grill to front of bar
  2. Must have original type engine with horse power not to exceed 18 HP.
  3. Tire size can be no larger than 26x12x12. Must be turf, bar or with chevron type tread. No pulling tires(Cepeks, Lawntech, etc.) No cut tires. Stock size tires on front, no smaller than six inch rims
  4. may transmission gearing, belt drives may change pulleys
  5. Tractor must maintain garden tractor appearance.
  6. Seat must be stock in appearance.
  7. Must have working governor not to exceed 4000 RPM.
  8. Must have factory stock carburetor. One inch maximum spacer on carburetor, one inch maximum venturi.
  9. Pump gas only. No alcohol or additives, whatsoever.
  10. Must have stock muffler or vertical exhaust with no more than 10 degrees tilt may change to billet rod, but must be stock length 5.3 inch
  11. Must have stock ignition. may use Chevy points, no electronic ignition
  12. Gas tank must be mounted under the hood or in a stock location.
  13. Rear fenders must be attached to foot rest in a permanent manner so the driver’s foot cannot get caught between the foot rest and rear tire.
  14. No flywheel modifications whatsoever.
  15. Must have working kill-switch.
  16. .330 lift cam shaft lift at 4000 RPM maximum.
  17. Electric fuel pump is OK. Kill switch must also kill electric fuel pump.
  18. stock valve size
  19. must use stock starter
  20. may move front axle forward

1050 lb and 1250 lb Stock Altered Rules

  1. Single cylinder four cycle flathead engines only.
  2. Engines must be Kohler, Wisconsin, Tecumseh or Briggs.
  3. Engine blocks must have an OEM stock appearance.
  4. Engines must be factory productions or their OEM replacement with factory deck height.
  5. Stock Head bolt pattern =>stock head gasket must fit over studs or bolts.
  6. Stock Head bolt location and head bolt size.
  7. Maximum crankshaft stroke 3.25”
  8. Maximum engine bore 3.780”
  9. 36.5000 cubic inch limit
  10. Maximum engine valve size 1.380”
  11. Maximum engine valve lift .330”
  12. Maximum carburetor venturi size 1.00”, no air entering after 1.00” restriction, venturi must be round in shape.
  13. Carburetor must be mounted to the engine with no more than 1” spacer
  14. No reverse port engines allowed, carburetor must go to the original intake port.
  15. Carburetor must be a stock appearing Kohler-type
  16. Billet heads permitted
  17. Porting and polishing allowed
  18. No external welding or external modifications allowed
  19. All thread through finned area is acceptable
  20. Welding permitted in crankcase area of the block for repair.
  21. Methanol OR Gas
  22. Must run a factory appearing hood and grill.
  23. Tractors must have garden tractor rear-ends.
  24. Tractors must use stock garden tractor frames.
  25. Frames must maintain factory length.
  26. Weight Class 1050 lbs and 1250lbs
  27. Wheelbase: 52 inches maximum
  28. Top placing tractors will be checked for, but not limited to: Fuel, Bore, Stroke, Carb Size, Valve Lift & Valve
    Size and deck height. Cubic Inch: 36.500 Cu. In. No Tolerance. Formula for CU. IN. is Measured bore x measured
    bore x measured stroke x .785 = Cu. In. All bores measured 90 degrees from thrust side.
    Stroke: 3.250” maximum 0.010” measuring tolerance, must not exceed Cu. In. Limit.
    Bore: 3.780” maximum 0.010” measuring tolerance, must not exceed Cu. In. Limit.
    Carb: 1.000” venturi size maximum 0.001” measuring tolerance.
    Valve Lift: .330” maximum 0.003” measuring tolerance
    Valve Size: 1.380” maximum 0.001” measuring tolerance
    Head Bolt Pattern: Stock Gasket must fit over head studs or bolts.

1050 lb and 1250 lb Modified Rules up to 40CI

  1. Single and twin cylinder flat heads pull together.
  2. Hanging weights are allowed.
  3. Maximum tire size is 26 x 12 x 12.
  4. Any tire is acceptable.
  5. Stock appearing carburetor.
  6. Tractors must use stock garden tractor frames.
  7. Hook height is 13”.
  8. Carb must be stock appearing with no more than 1.2 inch venture.
  9. Engine must be stock stroke and of conventional design flat head, single cylinder.
  10. Internal engine modifications are limited to bore, valve size and port & polish.
  11. Billet heads and crank fired ignition are allowed.
  12. Alcohol is allowed, but driver must wear fire suit.
  13. Any camshaft is allowed.
  14. Must be naturally; aspirated, no blowers or turbo.
  15. No Jones or Julian blocks- must us stock block or MWSU stock altered block.
  16. These rules are to assist, clarify, or replace rules that are now in place. But as always track officials will be the final authority.

1050 lb and 1250 lb Super Modified Rules (V-Twin) 41-50CI

  1. • All tractors will use a garden tractor transmission.
    • All will have working brakes.
    • A small fire extinguisher is recommended but not required at this time.

  2. • All tractors will have a garden tractor hood and grill.
    • All tractors will have rear fenders and they will be connected to the footrests in the front to prevent foot coming into contact with tire.
    • Hitching device will be stationary in all directions and must have 1 ½ hole for hook.
    • 13 inches is the maximum height for hitching device.
    • All tractors will have 2 wheelie bars capable of supporting the weight of the tractor.
    • Wheelie bars must have wheels at least 1 inch wide and 4 inches in diameter or pads with no less then 3 square inches; mounted so that the minimum distance from the front of the wheel or pad to the rear of the rear tire is no less than five inches; and the bottom of the wheel or tire is no more than 5 inches above the ground.
    • Each tractor will be equipped with a switch that will kill the engine and also turn off the electric fuel pump if so equipped. This switch will be located on the rear within 6 inches left or right of center.
    • Each switch should have at least a 3inch ring for connection.
    • No portion of tractor may interfere with hooking of the sled, if we can’t see it, we will not hook it. All tractors will have a dead man throttle.
    • Weights may not extend past the rear of the tire.

  3. • Frame altering is allowed as long as it is safe.
    • Frame type is open.
    • Must be front engine and rear 2 wheel drive.
    • No part of any tractor may exceed 5 feet in width and no longer then 7 feet from the center of rear axle in length.

  4. • Maximum tire size is 26 x 12 x 12.
    • Maximum wheel width is 12 inches.
    • Any type tire is acceptable.
    • Wheel weights are not allowed on rear wheels.

  5. • Engines must be commercially available garden tractor engine single-cylinder ohv, v-twin ohv, single cylinder and opposed twin flat head.
    • Engine RPM is unlimited.
    • All engines must have a steel or aluminum billet flywheel (no cast flywheels of any type).
    • Carburetion is unlimited, buy only one naturally aspirated carb single barrel is allowed.
    • All flywheels and clutches must be covered by 1/8 steel or 3/16 aluminum.
    • Overhead valve engines are limited to 48 cubic inches max.
    • Flathead single cylinder engines are limited to 50 cubic inches.
    • Flat head twin opposed 55 cubic inches.
    • All exhaust must discharge straight up.

  6. • A pull is when a driver takes the slack from the chain in the attempt to move the sled. The driver may stop within the first 20 feet, if he is not happy with his start and attempt another pull.
    • The second attempt is final regardless of the distance pulled.
    • Only one attempt is allowed in a pull off.
    • The first puller may elect to keep the pull or to re-pull. This must be announced before the sled is unhooked, and once the hook is removed it is final.
    • Sled operator may elect to decline the first and reset the sled. The first puller must be notified of this before he leaves the track.
    • The first puller must have a legal pull before he can elect to decline.

Mini-Rod Class Rules

  1. Must depict the look of a tractor
  2. Length 8’ from center of axle to furthest point forward
  3. Width 72” outer edge of tire to tire
  4. Hitch Height 13" for V-8, 14" for 6 cylinder and 15" for 4 cylinder
  5. Motors must be ridged mounted
  6. Must have tranny blanket
  7. Must have seat belt/safety restraint, roll bar and helmet
  8. Full fire suit required –including gloves and neck brace
  9. Dead man throttle
  10. 2 kill switches – one at hitch accessible to sled operator and one on wrist
  11. Tire size 31X15.5X15 Max
  12. Fire extinguisher must be mounted on right rear of tractor and be accessible by officials
  13. 2,000 pound weight limit
  14. 6,000 RPM Limit
  15. MSD allowed w/6000 RPM chip
  16. Engine size, 400 cubic inch/small block engine max.
  17. Cast Iron Block & Head Only
  18. Hydraulic cam & lifters Only
  19. Single carburetor – Pump Gas only (No Alcohol)
  20. Harmonic Balancer needs Guard or Certification Card
  21. Exhaust can be up, down, or back
  22. Rear fender must cover ¾ of the tire.
  23. Rear Weight must be within tire (No Weight may extend past rear tire)