General Rules

Amended 6-1-2013
Contest is open to two wheel drive, rear wheel drive, rubber tired tractors.

  1. Cut tires are allowed in modified class only.
  2. Dual wheels, chains, studs, or paddle tires are not permitted.
  3. Tractor must have working brakes capable of safely stopping the machine.
  4. Wheelie bars or skid plates are mandatory (excluding Farm Stock)
  5. Each tractor may be entered only once per class, per driver. One pull, per tractor unless it is a test pull or a tie
  6. Each driver is allowed 2 attempts within the 50 foot mark. The 2nd attempt is official.
  7. No portion of the tractor may interfere with the sled or chain during the pull.
  8. Chain and kill switch cord MUST be easy to hook WITHOUT INTERFERENCE.
  9. Weight bracket/weights may not extend behind the rear of the rear tire. Weights must be securely fastened. Weights lost while pulling will cause disqualification.
  10. It is the puller’s responsibility to provide proof of tractor’s eligibility.
  11. $100 PROTEST FEE – Protestor must deposit protest fee in cash: Truck or tractor must be torn down, that day, at the track- If the truck or tractor tractor is found legal, the owner receives the protest fee.  If the truck or tractor is found illegal/ or owner refuses to   prove eligibility the protest fee is returned to the protestor and the ineligible truck or tractor loses all points earned to date. To resume eligibility, truck or tractor must be made legal and inspected. 
  12. ALL trucks and tractors must cross over scales prior to hooking and must be at the starting gate when number is called or forfeit turn.
  13. ALL MODIFIED CLASSES- Driver must be 16 years of age, with a valid Driver’s License.  Drivers without a valid Driver’s License will be test inspected.  NO ONE under age 16 will be allowed to pull in any Modified Class.  This includes:  V-8 Mini-Rods; V-8 Farm Tractors; Turbo Farm Tractors; and any “Modified Truck Classes”.
  14. Full Fire Suit –including: Jacket, Pants, Gloves, Shoes, Neck Brace, and Helmet are required for the following:  V-8 Mini Rods, and Modified Farm Turbo Tractor Classes, and Modified Truck Classes.
  16. The Flagman is in control of the track at all times.  You may start your pull only after you are given the GREEN FLAG and must stop immediately when given the RED FLAG.  This is for every ones safety and there will be NO digging of holes.